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2021 Ear to the River Survey


Greetings from the Hydropower Foundation and the Ontario Waterpower Association. In partnership with Kleinschmidt, we have retained GreatBlue Research to conduct a first-of-its-kind survey of hydropower market trends titled “Ear to the River”.

What is The Ear-to-the-River Report?
A comprehensive, data-driven report that helps hydropower owners and operators plan for the future and create a collective voice for the industry to continue advancing hydropower as a leading renewable energy resource throughout North America.

The report will identify the challenges and opportunities facing owners in various industries and regions. Working cooperatively through this annual research, owners will better understand how their peers are being impacted, allowing them to make wise investments in their assets.

Your responses will remain confidential and be treated in accordance with data protection laws. All analyses will be conducted anonymously and on an aggregated level.

Why participate?
The Ear-to-the-River Report will benefit hydropower owners by providing valuable intelligence for future planning and budgeting purposes. It will also benefit owners by providing a collective “Voice of the Industry” that will allow regional and national associations to better advocate on your behalf.

Survey participants will receive access to the final aggregated data and an invitation to a webinar presenting the results of the survey. For every 10 responses that we receive from the survey, we will donate a Hydropower Science Kit to a high school STEM program. These learning kits help grow the next generation of hydropower professionals.

Will you help us? The survey should take approximately 20 minutes.

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